Friday, January 31, 2014

Freebie Digi-Stamp by Kat D. - Two hearts holding hands

Download links below

Another free digital doodle from me ... I had so much fun with the last one I had to do it again.  Did this using shapes in PSP (I have a very old version).  I hope you can use it.  (Valentine's Day is just around the corner!) You can download the PNG file HERE on Box, and the JPG HERE.  Come back tomorrow, I'll be putting up a colored version.  If you make something from this, or any of my files, I'd love to see them.  Just post a link in comments.  
Thanks for visiting!  Kat D.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Two Peas in a Pod Digi-Stamp Freebie!

Download link can be found below.

It's been hard getting back to the blog after all this time.  I hate to post without a freebie, so this little doodle I made in PSP gives me a good excuse to get "back on the horse".  I hope you like it.  It's free for personal use, and if you use it in a challenge I'd love a link back.  Thanks!

I've been gone a long time.  As I mentioned, my Mom moved in (with an entire household of stuff!) and I had to find room for everything and finish up my Christmas gifts, which I didn't want to put online and maybe spoil a surprise.  I spent the better part of this year making a calendar for my Mom (84), and my hubby's Grand-Mom (94!).  Unfortunately, my Mom never got to use it.  We had a lovely Christmas, then a few days later (on my birthday, no less) I checked on her and found she had passed away.  We were enjoying her in the household, and will miss her. I'm just grateful that she went peacefully and was able to go with grace.
My hubby is taking care of all the probate and legal issues, thank heaven for him, and I've been trying to sort out all her stuff.  After going through literally thousands of photographs, her clothing and her extensive jewelry collection she wanted me to divide among many friends, nieces, etc., my mind is overloaded and my spirit is a bit drained.  Hopefully, I will get some "craft therapy" and have more stuff to share soon, but I'm not going to make promises (like last time!) that I might not be able to keep.

The freebie is in PNG form, and can be downloaded HERE at Box.
Thanks for visiting!  Kat D.