Monday, May 19, 2014

A freebie wordart download for you...

This phrase came into my head the other day, and I had to play with it.  I'm not sure I'm totally satisfied with this one, so I may play with it some more. I hope you can use it.  It did help me learn a few tweaks in my new art program!
Link to download PNG file is below:
Spring has sprung in the far north, and things are greening up so fast it's almost startling.  I hope you are enjoying spring in your part of the world!

Download the free WordArt sentiment at BOX here.  It is in a PNG format.  Thanks for visiting! - Kat D.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hey, I'm back with a FREEBIE digial stamp!

Been awhile, but I've had nothing much to share.  I was pretty sick all winter, and had to deal with my Mom's death plus all the legalities entailed.  But I'm feeling healthy enough now that I've been working around the house, and I've figured out my new art program enough that I can make a few simple things.  And it's SPRING!   Up here in the Great North Woods, we still have a few patches of snow in the shady places, but the grass is green, the trees are starting to bud, my husband shaved his beard ... all sure signs of spring!  I'm almost gidy with excitement, I love this time of year.  And I'm OUTDOORS!  Don't do that much in the winter.  We've been wandering around in the woods, and sitting by the stream, and bbq-ing on the porch.  Life is good.

The external hard drive that had all my  digis and templates and svgs and stuff on it fried, so I couldn't just dip into that as I had planned for this blog. ( I plan, God laughs.)  But now, I made a few doodles in my new art program, so that gives me a chance to share with you..  The bear digi stamp freebie is very simple, and should look better than this poor copy.  You can download it at the end of this post in PNG format.  I've included one I colored and cut out.  I added black rhinestones for eyes and a ribbon bow.  Be cute for a baby card maybe??


You can get the PNG file for Teddy at BOX for free. You can download the JPG here. (Box is cool, you won't have to sign up or wait or anything.)  Please leave a comment, let me know how my stuff is working for you.  

Hopefully I'll have time to keep working on my drawing skills on and off the computer, so I'll throw free stuff atcha as I get it.  Thanks for visiting!  Enjoy SPRING!!!  -Kat D.