Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I have water! A couple of celebratory freebies ...

This weekend, the stream at the edge of our property got down enough that it was no longer silty, so we started pumping water from it. So, after a month,  I finally wasn't reliant on rain water for my laundry, flushing, etc.  I was feeling quite civilized!  Then the hubby checked the line from the spring with air.  It wasn't looking good until he tried a backflush, and then VOILA, we had WATER!  Clear, clean spring water. And we won't have to spend thousands to dig a new line, thank heavens! Life is good.  Now we have lots of extra water hose for the garden, too! (Needed quite a bit extra to get to the stream.)

Thought this would be a good wordart to share today.  Sorry, something weird seemed to have happened to the PNG version of this when I saved it, so I only have the JPG.   You can grab the download here. I guess since it's not up to my usual standards, I'll share another along the same lines:

The JPG for the camel quote can be found here.   The PNG for the camel quote can be downloaded here.  I made a couple of magnets out of this one to put in the Pinata I made for my hubby's B-day Fiesta party.  I plan to take pics of some of the stuff I made for that, so stay posted!  Enjoy, and have fun... Kat D. 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Piggy and Pig Wordart Freebies

I'm overjoyed that my computer art has been downloaded so many times... as an "artist", I often have reservations about the things I create.  My husband says I'm my own worse critic.  I bet that is something many of you artsy and craftsy types can relate to!  So it's your own fault, you've encouraged me to share MORE. 

I just adore pigs. Found this Winston Churchill quote and had to make a wordart out of it. I hope you enjoy it!  There are two versions, one plain, one fancy.  Sorry I don't have a png file for them.  BUT... I do have a png for the pig alone, so I'll share that.

First up, the word art:
You can download this one HERE

You can download this one HERE

Next, the pig alone.  I've been experimenting with my art programs.  If you like these, I'll make more.
You can download the PNG FILE HERE (clear background).  If you do something clever with it, I'd like to see it. Just leave a link in the comments section.  Thanks!  And a special thanks to all you who comment, you really make my day!  Have fun.... Kat D.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Earthworm Crossing Sign Freebie

Happy Spring  and Cinco de Mayo!  Had a great weekend working my butt off outside.  Spent the morning moving rocks (lots of big rocks!), so I figured I deserved to rest a bit and upload something for you garden lovers.  Don't know what possessed me to do this one, so let me know what you think.

You can download the JPG file HERE, and the PNG file (with clear background) HERE.  Might be useful in the garden with some outdoor Modge Podge.  Enjoy! Kat D.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Sunflower seed packet with quote freebie.

I love all the firsts of spring.  We ran Bosco, our dog, up the hill for the first time this year, and the road was still passable because it's still pretty frozen (he runs, we sit our lazy butts in the truck).  There was still a bunch of snow on the ground up there.  We are hoping the warmer weather that has FINALLY arrived will unfreeze our well, and that is ONLY what the problem is. Lots of people up here got frozen wells this year, so I don't feel alone.  We've been collecting rain water, and I actually found myself saying "I wish it would rain, I'd love a bath".  Instead, we (and I mean my husband) will be hauling water from one of our lovely neighbor's wells.  And I'll still be taking "sea showers" (if you are not a sailor, or married to one, that means: get wet, turn off water, soap up, run water just enough to rinse) .  Looking forward to a good "hotel shower" (another sailor term), so keep your fingers crossed for us.

Oh, yes,  I did promise you a freebie ...  
You can download this sunflower quote seed packet HERE.  
Hope you can have some fun with it.  Sharing seeds is a VERY good thing!  Enjoy ~ Kat D.