Monday, September 23, 2013

Freebie Black Lace Scrapping Frame... it's about time!

Hope you can use this  black lace frame png file.  It's a freebie from me to you, for personal use.  
This is just a thumbsize jpg, click download below for clear png file.

I've been MIA here for awhile, and just searched through my computer to find you something, since I've been so neglectful (shame on me!).  There was a sudden decision made by my family that my mother move in with us.  My husband drove up the furniture from mid-Florida to here in northern New Hampshire.  We've been all trying to fit ten pounds of you-know-what in a five pound bag ever since.  Even with one garage sale already, we have too much stuff!  And I decided I HAD to organize my craft room, which has been a major project.  I also had an attack of IBS a week before my mother got here that I'm only getting a handle on now.  There doesn't seem to be much I can eat besides brown rice.  All in all, it's been busy, but I've also been crafting (to preserve what little sanity I have left!).  I've got a couple of projects lined up I hope to share with you soon.  Meanwhile, you can download the free black lace frame at box HERE.  Enjoy! - Kat D.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Freebie scrap kit just in time for Independence Day!

As usual, I started putting this scrap element and papers kit together awhile ago, then forgot about it.  Just ran across it this morning, and figured I'd better finish it up and get it online, or wait until next year.  It should be good for 4th of July, Memorial Day, or any patriotic holiday in the U.S.A., so I call it "Patriotic Holiday Party".  Hopefully, it has a little of something for everyone.  Included my usual motorcycle elements, but also have picnic, boating and bbq-ing elements.  And, of course, fireworks!!!  Got some good friends visiting that week that I haven't seen in a year, so I'm really looking forward to it.  Here is a preview of the freebie pack:
Hope you can use some of this kit in your scrapbooks, cards, or other projects.  And I wish you a great holiday!  You can grab the ZIP file here on BOX or from 4Shared here. The file is kinda huge, so if you have trouble downloading it, let me know and I'll split up the files. 
Free for personal use only.   Have fun!  -Kat

Friday, June 14, 2013

Engineer Boot/Biker Boot shaped card freebie!

Another "motorcycle enthusiast" oriented project, from me to you.  The biker (or engineer) boot.  Did you know the straps and buckles serve a purpose?  They are supposed to be tightened so you don't loose your boots in a mishap. Anyway, here is the finished card:
Engineer Boot / Biker Boot shaped card.

How I did this, was I cut out the template on white cardstock, so the inside could easily be written on.  Then I used spray adhesive to attach it to some textured black cardstock, and cut that out also.
Template cut out and glued on textured black cardstock.
Please note the parts in the red box.  I shouldn't have glued them to the black, as it made the straps backwards (which would only effect the curved piece) and the buckles were too thick to work with easily.  Instead, use the peices as a template, and just cut the straps on black.  You can use metallic paper for the buckles, or, as I did, use a silver pen or paint on them.  I used my stylis to mark stitches and holes on the straps, and ran it along the bottom to make a sole and heel separation. 
I'm proably as clear as mud, but I'm better at crafting then teaching (but I'm best at making a MESS!) 
Hope you can use this and enjoy making it.  You can download the TEMPLATE HERE ON BOX.  I'd love to get your comments!  Sorry I didn't make an SVG, but I'm having issues with my cutting machine.  
Oh, and if you have a Harley, you might want to check out this site: Steel Thunder Custom Cycles. Kat

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Freebie Sunflower Frame for Scrapbooking or Cardmaking.

I was looking around in my folders and found this small sunflower frame I created some time ago.  Perhaps you can make use of it.  It is free for personal use, and you can download the png file HERE on BOX.  Enjoy!  Comments are always appreciated. - Kat

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

CDAC challenge part 2

Got my second freebie for the CDAC challenge awhile ago, but I am having printing issues.  So, to keep from falling too far behind, I went digital.  The designs I used was from Back to Paper, and I will also be posting it Crafter's Digital Art Center.  Here it is.  What do you think?

Been trying to get my veggie garden planted between all the weather, but hopefully I'll be back soon with another freebie of some kind.  Meanwhile, create and enjoy!  - Kat

Sunday, May 19, 2013

One more Word Art, this one I say to keep myself on track.

Here's another freebie word art for personal use.  This saying is my own, and helps keep me from getting over-anal about my crafting.  Hope you like it! You can download the png file for this on BOX. Enjoy - Kat

CDAC Progressive Challenge part 1

I decided to enter my first challenge, this one from Crafter's Digital Art Center. I was given the pretty Umbrella digi-stamp, made by Vickie of Nana Vic Digitals, to use.  Now, this might not be my best work, but considering that I chopped a large chunk out of the pad of one finger earlier that day, I thought it came out pretty good!  (Ever try to tie a small bow with your middle finger wrapped up like a fat mummy?)  The little mouse is a doodle of mine.  Just wanted to share!  -Kat

Monday, May 13, 2013

Another WordArt Freebie... this one's for YOU!

We creative types are sometimes hard on ourselves, and when others put our work down ... well, at times it can be crushing.  You might want to put this one over your workspace to help you with that.  (Author is unknown.)

If you missed yesterday's (the craft search engines didn't seem to pick it up), it's a good one for Father's Day.  And there's a link to Bloglovin, if you want to follow my blog (or others) that way.  It's a direct download, just right click, choose size (original is my sugggestion) and save.  These are jpegs, as the ping files didn't seem to load correctly, but if anyone needs the png file, let me know and I'll put them up on Box. As always, free for personal use.  Enjoy!  Kat

UPDATE:  You can now download the png file for this on BOX.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Spring!

It may be old hat to some of you, but up here on the mountain in northern NH, spring has just sprung!  It rained, and everything seemed to green up over night.  Gardens are being tilled, but nobody seems to plant up here until, well, after this weekend.

Sorry I've been MIA, but I've been of poor health as of late and just ran out of energy.  Feeling a bit more perky now, but have to catch up around the house and business.  But I couldn't ignore all you out in blog land, so I've got some files I'll be sticking up as I can this week.

A good way to see when I've got some new stuff is to follow me on Bloglovin.  I love getting all the newest posts of my favorite blogs sent to me each day by email, it saves me so much time.

Here's a bit of free WORD ART that you might find suitable for Father's Day.

Just click on the picture, then right click and choose size or open in new page, then save the jpg file.  Free for personal use.  Enjoy!  Kat

UPDATE: You can now download the png file for this on BOX.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pointy House papercraft gift box templateFREEBIE from me to you.

Hi there, sorry I haven't been around.  Last week was a bad one (ill, smashed foot, little sleep, stuff like that), so I just didn't feel like playing.  Yesterday I decided I needed to make something new to share, and I'm glad I did, it was the most fun I've had in days.
I guess I have a "thing" for boxes and paper houses.  I was looking at the many templates I've collected, and there are tons of them out there, but I wanted to make something slightly different.  I came up with a simple "house box" (though the shape could be used otherwise, I sure) that I call "pointy house" (gee, I'm so clever ... not).  It gave me the opportunity to use up some of the tons of scrap paper I have left from other projects.
"Pointy House" Paper Craft Box - Free Template Download

I made it with tabs for making little houses, etc., but once enclosed it wouldn't be much good as a gift box.  So I cut off the tabs on the next one, and punched holes near the top to tie with ribbon. (Use two ribbons, criss-cross them, gather them up and make a bow.) That worked well, though I'm sure there are other cute ways to close it up.  Then I used my scraps to decorate it.  I made some panels for the roof, so I decided to include panel templates (walls and roof) on an alternate template page.   (These are 98% of the original side, but in the one pictured I actually made them slightly larger than the roof sides. Just so you know, it wasn't the best way to go.)
Here is a thumbnail of the template:
Print this "fit to page".  It's made for a 8.5x11 sheet of cardstock. You can download a png file or a jpg file of either with or without panel templates at BOX or 4Shared.  As usual, it is free for personal use. If you do a project with this and post it on your blog or website, share a link!  Thanks, and ENJOY! - Kat

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Freebie alert: Biker Boy over at Sliekje's digi stamp site.

I just love digi stamps, can't get enough of them, and I can't resist Sliekje's cute critters (especially the cats!).  I hadn't visited over there since May, so when I popped by today I was delighted to see the posting from March that I had missed ... it was a cute little boy on his motorcycle.  Or you can use it as a girl, as "he" has a helmet (I'd add a ponytail!). I know lots of you come here for the "biker" stuff I've had, so I thought you'd love this.  And I guess it is about time I told Angelique (Sliekje) how thankful I am for her generosity,  in freely sharing all those wonderful digi drawings she does.
Here is a thumbnail, go to her site for the full size, and to see her other drawings and sites (scroll down, it's under the spring ones she just put up):

I found something on my computer that I will try to get up in a few days.  See you then! - Kat

Friday, March 15, 2013

Freebie Digi Scrap Element Pack with motorcycle elements!

Freebie alert... from me!  I've been going back through some files I "abandoned" awhile ago (probably when I got my cutting machine!), and I finally optimized a bunch of PNG files with motorcycle camping trips and such stuff in mind.  There is a pile of stuff in there, so I Zipped it all.  I hope you can use some of it in your scrapbooking/craft projects.  Here are the previews of some of the items (don't judge the sizes by this, I had to fit them all in some how). I call it my "Hardly Harley Colors" set:

Here is a list of what is in the pack (there is a LOT more than pictured).  I included the previews and this list in the file:

Hardly Harley Colors element pack from Covered in Glue

Not all items shown.  Sizes not always related.
Package contains:
11 Backgrounds
8 call outs
5 choppers
4 palm trees
3 wrenches
3 tents
2 leaf trees
2 crows
2 face bandanas
2 leaves
2 birds
2 ravens
2 deer behind tree
2 flames
2 howling wolves
2 skulls
2 bunnies
2 cook pots
2 award ribbon/frames
(Extra boot with flowers)

All other single items as shown
Free for personal use only. 

I'd really love it if you'd stick a link in the comments section if you use this on anything.  I bet you can have a lot of fun with it, and I hope you do!  Let me know if you like this, I have several more different color scheme sets I can finish up if you do.
You can download the scrap elements in zip file at BOX or 4Shared Enjoy! - Kat

Monday, March 11, 2013

Why I love my husband...

.. Or one or two of the reasons, anyway. Besides being my business partner, best friend, mate, sexy, hard working, smart, clever, and tons of other great things, he can be a silly romantic and makes me laugh. Oh, he is far from perfect, but as far as men go, he's the best I've ever met. And he only improves with age!

Let me show you what I mean by the "makes me laugh" and "romantic" part:

He went off to the dump before work one morning, and came home with goodies from the doughnut shop. I came downstairs from my art room/office and found this scene on the kitchen counter.

He had found a heart-shaped boston cream (my favorite!), and these little "skull dudes" have been floating around since I bought a dozen for our shop one Halloween.  (He has used them many times before).

He taped them to the counter with a letter opener (as weapon) and little signs.


The signs read "Kill the doughnut king", "We want the donut", and the guy protecting the doughnut with the weapon has a sign that says "Back away from the doughnut".

As you can imagine, I laughed my a** off.  Isn't that creative for a guy who thinks he has no artistic talent? He is a mighty fine mechanic, and has built bikes from scratch that would knock your socks off, so creative he is.  So I guess I can add "humble" to his list of fine qualities!   Thanks for visiting!  Kat

Friday, March 8, 2013

Freebie Paper Toy - Bobbette the bobcat

Happy Friday!  I hope this finds you well and loving life.  I'm finally feeling a whole lot better today, so this is a VERY nice day for me! Life is good.

I started papercrafting when I was teaching a Sunday school class, and was trying to find simple craft projects for the kids to do.  I fell in love with paper toys for awhile, going a little nuts (as is my norm).  I made up a few of my own, and found one today while looking through my folders.  I decided to share. It's a silly little thing, but not too hard to build and kinda fun.  It's "Bobette" the Bob Cat:
Paper Toy for Personal Use Only

It would be a good "pill bottle cover-up" or a kid's toy or a "desk mate". Or you can put a plastic bag inside with adhesive, and use as a small goody gift box.
I uploaded a PNG template file and a JPG template file for you.  (Don't copy the image above, it is low resolution and will print out crappy.) You can download this free papercraft toy at BOX  (I did a little folder organizing there this morning) or 4Shared (most of my files are in the "Sync" folder, so that's where this link goes.  Look for the PAPER CRAFT TOYS folder (or click this link if you don't want to see the other files.) Let me know how you like it, or what I need to improve.  Enjoy!  Kat

Monday, March 4, 2013

First March Freebie! White bunny for Easter.

Hello out there, and Happy March.  Spring may be right around the corner, but here in northern New Hampshire, it has been snowing every day for a week or so, and everything is lovely and white.  I just can't imagine flowers showing up anytime soon, but anything is possible with the way the weather has been around here.

I made up a bunny image for you to download. It's a png file. (If you need a jpg or gif, or need it in a certain color, let me know.) I made it awhile ago, but I've been ill for several weeks, so haven't been getting as much done as I'd like. I figured I better get this up, or next thing I know Easter will have passed!  As usual, it is free for personal use.  Just a little thing I put together, nothing fancy, but maybe you can use it on a card or something.  Hope you like it!
Here's a lower grade view of the image:

You can download the free png file at BOX  or 4Shared. Enjoy!  Kat

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Freebie Alert - Animal Alphabet on Digiprop

I've been eyebrow deep in re-doing the entire website for my business, which is like 400 pages, so as you can imagine, I haven't had time for crafting, blogging, or any of that good stuff.  But I saw something today that blew my mind, and had to share it with you.  Digiprop has posted an Animal Alphabet papercraft series.  It is so cute, and it's TOTALLY FREE!  What generosity!  You can download PDF files of each letter.  I downloaded K for Kangaroo (me!), D for our last name, and L for my darling Larry.  I'll have to snag more later for friends if I ever get this work project finished. 
Go on over to: to get these wonderful and imaginative papercraft letters.  Be sure to leave a nice note of thanks for giving them FREE!

OK, back to work for me, boo hoo.:)  Enjoy!  Kat

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Freebie from Covered in Glue: Cutting files and silhouette of a rose inside a heart.


I've been trying to find time to cut this file and make sure it worked before posting it.  My hubby decided to build his closet upstairs today (he's been using the dining room up until now!), so I quick cut this out, although I ripped the rose taking it out.  As you can see, you can use the rose as well (if you don't rip it!).  Sorry I haven't had time to put together a finished project to show you.
As I've been trying to do with each project, I've included a jpg for those of you without a cutting machine.

I may have one more valentine's file, if I have time to do the word art to accompany it, as I feel it needs it.

Hope you can use this.  Have fun crafting!  - Kat
You can download this at 4Shared or BOX.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


"Drinks for Two" Free Downloadable Valentine Cut File, in .jpg, .svg and .scut formats.

Whew, just got my computer hooked up again, after tearing my office/craft room apart.  I was using folding tables until my sweetie-pie came with a moving truck full of furniture, so I'm finally getting solid working surfaces, and a bit more organized (my husband would laugh, he doesn't think of me as "organized"... and I'm really not very).  I have another .svg and .scut file freebie for you, this one is good for Valentine's Day, anniversaries, weddings, engagements, and whatever you can dream up.  There is also a .jpg file for those of you who don't have a cutting machine. Hope you like it.  I think it is one of the best so far... but you can let me know what you think.

You can download this on BOX or 4Shared Enjoy!- Kat

Friday, January 18, 2013

Freebie Cut File

Free SVG cut file.
Here is another free file that might be useful for Valentine's Day cards and such.  I included a SVG, a SCUT and a jpeg in the folder (folder marked Valentine Cut Files 2).  If you don't have a cutting machine, you may be able to use the jpg to trace, fill digitally, or whatever.  Hope you have fun with it, whatever you do.  I've got a couple more that I'll get on here within the next several days.

NOTE: I'd love to get comments on these, even soft critique, and would especially like to see projects using my files.  You can send a link using the "comments" box to your blog, website, pinterest pin, facebook site, whatever.

You can snag these files at either BOX or 4Shared.  Enjoy!  Kat

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

 I made some svgs and scuts for cuts!

 I made some cut files that you might be able to use for Valentine's Day.  I've been trying to get to them for awhile, but my husband FINALLY moved lock, stock and barrel up here with me, and we've been trying to create a path through all the moving boxes and set up his office.  I'm so HAPPY!  It was getting real lonely up here without him for 6 whole months.  

I started a card so you could see the files in action, but it's not done yet.  There are two versions of the couple on the cut file, and the two different hands sets.  I've included  SVG and  SCUT files, plus a couple of .png silhouettes of the hands.

 I've made quite a few cut files for myself, but this is the first I'm sharing, and I know all cutting  machines and programs work different, so please let me know how they cut for you and what you are using. I use Sure Cuts Alot software and cut with an eCraft. Thanks!

If you make something with these, or anything else I've shared, please feel free to leave a link in Comments, so we can all see your creation. I'd be thrilled!

You can snag these free cut files at either one of these locations:

4Shared ( the Valentine's Cut Files folder is in the 4shared Sync Folder ) or BOX (also inside folders) - Enjoy!  And come back soon, I have another Valentines cut file I'll post soon! Kat