Friday, March 15, 2013

Freebie Digi Scrap Element Pack with motorcycle elements!

Freebie alert... from me!  I've been going back through some files I "abandoned" awhile ago (probably when I got my cutting machine!), and I finally optimized a bunch of PNG files with motorcycle camping trips and such stuff in mind.  There is a pile of stuff in there, so I Zipped it all.  I hope you can use some of it in your scrapbooking/craft projects.  Here are the previews of some of the items (don't judge the sizes by this, I had to fit them all in some how). I call it my "Hardly Harley Colors" set:

Here is a list of what is in the pack (there is a LOT more than pictured).  I included the previews and this list in the file:

Hardly Harley Colors element pack from Covered in Glue

Not all items shown.  Sizes not always related.
Package contains:
11 Backgrounds
8 call outs
5 choppers
4 palm trees
3 wrenches
3 tents
2 leaf trees
2 crows
2 face bandanas
2 leaves
2 birds
2 ravens
2 deer behind tree
2 flames
2 howling wolves
2 skulls
2 bunnies
2 cook pots
2 award ribbon/frames
(Extra boot with flowers)

All other single items as shown
Free for personal use only. 

I'd really love it if you'd stick a link in the comments section if you use this on anything.  I bet you can have a lot of fun with it, and I hope you do!  Let me know if you like this, I have several more different color scheme sets I can finish up if you do.
You can download the scrap elements in zip file at BOX or 4Shared Enjoy! - Kat

Monday, March 11, 2013

Why I love my husband...

.. Or one or two of the reasons, anyway. Besides being my business partner, best friend, mate, sexy, hard working, smart, clever, and tons of other great things, he can be a silly romantic and makes me laugh. Oh, he is far from perfect, but as far as men go, he's the best I've ever met. And he only improves with age!

Let me show you what I mean by the "makes me laugh" and "romantic" part:

He went off to the dump before work one morning, and came home with goodies from the doughnut shop. I came downstairs from my art room/office and found this scene on the kitchen counter.

He had found a heart-shaped boston cream (my favorite!), and these little "skull dudes" have been floating around since I bought a dozen for our shop one Halloween.  (He has used them many times before).

He taped them to the counter with a letter opener (as weapon) and little signs.


The signs read "Kill the doughnut king", "We want the donut", and the guy protecting the doughnut with the weapon has a sign that says "Back away from the doughnut".

As you can imagine, I laughed my a** off.  Isn't that creative for a guy who thinks he has no artistic talent? He is a mighty fine mechanic, and has built bikes from scratch that would knock your socks off, so creative he is.  So I guess I can add "humble" to his list of fine qualities!   Thanks for visiting!  Kat

Friday, March 8, 2013

Freebie Paper Toy - Bobbette the bobcat

Happy Friday!  I hope this finds you well and loving life.  I'm finally feeling a whole lot better today, so this is a VERY nice day for me! Life is good.

I started papercrafting when I was teaching a Sunday school class, and was trying to find simple craft projects for the kids to do.  I fell in love with paper toys for awhile, going a little nuts (as is my norm).  I made up a few of my own, and found one today while looking through my folders.  I decided to share. It's a silly little thing, but not too hard to build and kinda fun.  It's "Bobette" the Bob Cat:
Paper Toy for Personal Use Only

It would be a good "pill bottle cover-up" or a kid's toy or a "desk mate". Or you can put a plastic bag inside with adhesive, and use as a small goody gift box.
I uploaded a PNG template file and a JPG template file for you.  (Don't copy the image above, it is low resolution and will print out crappy.) You can download this free papercraft toy at BOX  (I did a little folder organizing there this morning) or 4Shared (most of my files are in the "Sync" folder, so that's where this link goes.  Look for the PAPER CRAFT TOYS folder (or click this link if you don't want to see the other files.) Let me know how you like it, or what I need to improve.  Enjoy!  Kat

Monday, March 4, 2013

First March Freebie! White bunny for Easter.

Hello out there, and Happy March.  Spring may be right around the corner, but here in northern New Hampshire, it has been snowing every day for a week or so, and everything is lovely and white.  I just can't imagine flowers showing up anytime soon, but anything is possible with the way the weather has been around here.

I made up a bunny image for you to download. It's a png file. (If you need a jpg or gif, or need it in a certain color, let me know.) I made it awhile ago, but I've been ill for several weeks, so haven't been getting as much done as I'd like. I figured I better get this up, or next thing I know Easter will have passed!  As usual, it is free for personal use.  Just a little thing I put together, nothing fancy, but maybe you can use it on a card or something.  Hope you like it!
Here's a lower grade view of the image:

You can download the free png file at BOX  or 4Shared. Enjoy!  Kat