Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Christmas Gift Box Freebie:  fits a gift card and has room for a little treat too!

Happy Holidays to you!  Long time, no post, but don't feel bad... I haven't been very communicative with ANYBODY for awhile.  After years on antidepressants, I felt I had to stop taking them because of nasty side effects.  Then I kind of slipped into a hole for awile and did NOTHING.  Now, I'm trying to find a happy medium, and trying hard to climb out of my hole and start doing things I love again.  Like this blog.

Made this awhile ago, and just finally got the "whatever" to get it out to you, so you can use it for Christmas.  It's not a new style box, but I wanted to fit the base to be able to hold a gift card .  You can fit a candy or small toy or treat inside also, or instead.  It fits a whole sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock.  I have two templates for you, one with lines, and one with much paler lines.

It is a square triangle box and opens at the bottom. This is how it looks put together.  Simple, but hopefully useful.  Enjoy!  Download them from BOX here for the lined template, AND here for the paler lined template.