Saturday, March 5, 2016

A Cute and Simple Bunny Box Freebie for You!

Hello all you crazy crafters!  And you sane ones, if any exist! Ha!

I was looking for a simple bunny papercraft, and didn't see what I needed, so I whipped up this simple box with cut outs for your Easter treats.
Here's what the template looks like:
Preview Only, Download Templates below
You just cut out the paws and feet with an exacto knife (you'll probably do a better job than me, my hands really shake!).  You can decorate them before or after (I did after I built the box, and it shows!), or let the kids have fun with it.  I designed the template so the bottom flaps cover where the legs are cut out.  (Just be careful with the glue, so it doesn't pop out the holes.)  There are tiny holes where the paws pop out, so if you have very tiny treats, you might want to tuck them in tissue paper or put them in a plastic bag.

I had a lot of fun with this project, it being the first I've done in awhile.  I'm finally feeling much more perky and creative, so I hope I can get a few projects in before planting season arrives!


For the small (half page) bunny box (shown), go to BOX: Small Bunny Cutout Box
For the large (full page) bunny box, go to BOX: Large Bunny Cutout Box
And to view all my freebie folders go to Kat's Freebies

Have fun with it!  Send me links via Comments if you or your kid makes a cute version of this box.  And remember, your comments always make my day!
Enjoy, Kat D.