Thursday, May 19, 2016

Another WORD ART Freebie.

Guess I'm getting "political" in my old age.  Really tried to avoid that, but the "news" just keeps pissing me off.  We decided to turn off our TV for the summer, don't even get local stations now. Wow, mornings are so much more relaxing!

Here it is, for what it's worth.  

You can download this freebie at BOX by clicking here.

You can view all of my files on box by clicking this link. Enjoy! - Kat D.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Free Word Art 

Wow, I woke up to snow today.  My daffodils must be hatin' that!

OK, this one may get me in trouble, but I just had to go for it.  It's all in fun, but hey, even my 98 year old grandma asked me what was with her clothes. 


I've got a new box for you to, hope to get it up soon.  Hope your are enjoying your "spring"!  Have fun!  - Kat D.