Sunday, May 19, 2013

One more Word Art, this one I say to keep myself on track.

Here's another freebie word art for personal use.  This saying is my own, and helps keep me from getting over-anal about my crafting.  Hope you like it! You can download the png file for this on BOX. Enjoy - Kat

CDAC Progressive Challenge part 1

I decided to enter my first challenge, this one from Crafter's Digital Art Center. I was given the pretty Umbrella digi-stamp, made by Vickie of Nana Vic Digitals, to use.  Now, this might not be my best work, but considering that I chopped a large chunk out of the pad of one finger earlier that day, I thought it came out pretty good!  (Ever try to tie a small bow with your middle finger wrapped up like a fat mummy?)  The little mouse is a doodle of mine.  Just wanted to share!  -Kat

Monday, May 13, 2013

Another WordArt Freebie... this one's for YOU!

We creative types are sometimes hard on ourselves, and when others put our work down ... well, at times it can be crushing.  You might want to put this one over your workspace to help you with that.  (Author is unknown.)

If you missed yesterday's (the craft search engines didn't seem to pick it up), it's a good one for Father's Day.  And there's a link to Bloglovin, if you want to follow my blog (or others) that way.  It's a direct download, just right click, choose size (original is my sugggestion) and save.  These are jpegs, as the ping files didn't seem to load correctly, but if anyone needs the png file, let me know and I'll put them up on Box. As always, free for personal use.  Enjoy!  Kat

UPDATE:  You can now download the png file for this on BOX.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Spring!

It may be old hat to some of you, but up here on the mountain in northern NH, spring has just sprung!  It rained, and everything seemed to green up over night.  Gardens are being tilled, but nobody seems to plant up here until, well, after this weekend.

Sorry I've been MIA, but I've been of poor health as of late and just ran out of energy.  Feeling a bit more perky now, but have to catch up around the house and business.  But I couldn't ignore all you out in blog land, so I've got some files I'll be sticking up as I can this week.

A good way to see when I've got some new stuff is to follow me on Bloglovin.  I love getting all the newest posts of my favorite blogs sent to me each day by email, it saves me so much time.

Here's a bit of free WORD ART that you might find suitable for Father's Day.

Just click on the picture, then right click and choose size or open in new page, then save the jpg file.  Free for personal use.  Enjoy!  Kat

UPDATE: You can now download the png file for this on BOX.