Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hello Webworld! Happy Valentine's Day!
I'm Kat, and like the title of this blog,

I am usually covered in glue  ... my fingers, my clothes,
my desk, maybe even my hair and face, ... I have glue
issues.  But I'm working on them!

OK, the last thing I think the world needs is another
blog, and I certainly don't have time to spare for one.
So why start one?   Hmmm... I'm still wondering.
No, really ...  I am very much into my "arts and crafts",
they are like oxygen to me.  I need them to survive.
I've become interested in maybe joining in some
challenges, and perhaps join a design team, and saw that
 having a blog would be helpful (and sometimes
required).  I am always trying new things and
experimenting, so I thought others could learn from my
mistakes (hey, some of my best stuff has come from
"mistakes"!), and that I could share some files, designs,
ideas, and web finds as I went along.

Finding that my chosen blog name was available
seemed like a good omen (that never happens!).  But
right after I got the blog, a couple of things happened
that caused me to sit on this awhile and re-think it.

First, I've been reading other blogs where the artist's
work was stolen and used for profit.  This seems to be
an ever increasing problem.  Then I got a notice from
Penny Duncan, a lovely, very talented lady whom I
follow, saying she could no longer share her work due
to negativity and harassment online that she was dealing
with that was hurting her creativity.  I was saddened by
this, and thought why would I want to put my self in
this position?

Then, at the same time, my sweetie pie husband (of 27 years!)
decided he wanted to move closer to retirement, and
from Missouri (where we are now) back to his "home
state" Vermont.  And ASAP!

So, instead of blogging, I've been packing, sorting,
throwing, and generally making a mess around here.  I
realized, if I was going to get this done in any
reasonable time frame (I'm easily distracted!), I'd have to
pack up my art supplies.  First, my ribbons went, and my
 glitter, decorative papers, paints and dyes,  and yesterday
my cutter.  (My husband gave me a big hug of sympathy for
 that one!)  I'm leaving  my copics until last, though. I have to have
SOMETHING to keep my sanity. 

While doing that I thought some more, and decided this:  
 I will start this blog, and I will see what I can find
already on my computer that I can share.  Since I can't
create much now, and I can't scan right now, that is all
I can do.  But I'll try to do a few things here and there
while my life is in upheaval, and I'll see how this blog
thing works.  Then, when I'm all situated in my new art
home (sooner or later!) I'll get more into it hopefully.
So visit back if you've found me here.  I'll try to have
some nice things waiting for you!

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