Saturday, April 6, 2013

Freebie alert: Biker Boy over at Sliekje's digi stamp site.

I just love digi stamps, can't get enough of them, and I can't resist Sliekje's cute critters (especially the cats!).  I hadn't visited over there since May, so when I popped by today I was delighted to see the posting from March that I had missed ... it was a cute little boy on his motorcycle.  Or you can use it as a girl, as "he" has a helmet (I'd add a ponytail!). I know lots of you come here for the "biker" stuff I've had, so I thought you'd love this.  And I guess it is about time I told Angelique (Sliekje) how thankful I am for her generosity,  in freely sharing all those wonderful digi drawings she does.
Here is a thumbnail, go to her site for the full size, and to see her other drawings and sites (scroll down, it's under the spring ones she just put up):

I found something on my computer that I will try to get up in a few days.  See you then! - Kat

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  1. How cute! I'll get a lot of use from this. My daughter and her hubby are bikers! Thank you for sharing so generously.


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