Monday, November 7, 2016

BLUE LIVES MATTER free wordart!

I had a fashion quote I wanted to post,  but it seems to be hiding on me.  [My computer is like Wonderland, and I'm a poor, confused Alice wandering around in it, just trying to find up.] So I thought I'd go with this one, some effect I was trying.  I consider it a tribute to my late father, a decorated policeman.  I hope you like it.
You can download this HERE on Box.  Sorry, I only have a jpg today.  My art program is ancient, and is not cooperating with png files at this time.  


  1. Love it, and thank you for this!

  2. What is your tou? How do I credit you?

  3. Pat, feel free to use this any way you wish that is non-profit. I always appreciate a link back to my blog. Thanks for visiting!


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