Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A funny thing has happened ... I'm having fun and I'm NOT covered in glue!
As I've mentioned, I packed up most of my crafting supplies so I wouldn't be "distracted" while I'm trying to get us ready for the big retirement move.   But my need to create is an overwelming, addictive thing.  I always seem to find some way to be "artfully distracted". 
I wanted to make a Mother's Day gift, but without my papers and embellishments what would I do?  Well, I went DIGITAL!
I've been digging all over the internet for digital scrapbooking freebies, and having a ball creating right on my computer!  See, the thing is, I've never been all that interested in "Scrapbooking", as I don't take many photos, though I found I could use a lot of the same stuff for my cards.  I saw some examples out there of recipe book pages, done totally digitally, and thought that would be a fun gift.  I started collecting papers and kits, and ended up making more pages than I have recipes for, and a few desktops for myself.  FUN!  And no paper scraps, no glue on my clothes (and everything else), no crawling around under my craft table for lost buttons, no rogue glitter on my face.
Of course, I do prefer a hands-on craft. But this is such a great new challenge (I love trying new things!). I've even started trying to make some embellishments of my own ... If any turn out great, I'll share them.

MEANWHILE.... I'll post some of the great places I find FREE digital crafting supplies.  I love freebies. It's like going shopping without having to spend money!  Wow, what could be better?

If you are like me, you can't have enough embellishments.  I found the cutest little glass beads, buttons, shells and other good stuff at Designs by Nicole / Low Country Scrapper.  She does beautiful work, and has free kits, photoshop resources,  and all sorts of unique goodies to grab.  There are even SNOWGLOBES!  And lots of her stuff is CU Okay.  Check her out!

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