Thursday, May 24, 2012

Of Vicodin,  Ice Cream and Airsoft

Hello there!  So what do you think is worse, getting a cracked tooth pulled, or getting a root canal?  I didn't have to choose, I got BOTH!  Oh goody (not).  And a tooth grinding, too.  Luckily, I really like my dentist, and he's a no-pain type of guy.  Sooo, I have lived the last couple of days on Vicodin and Ice Cream.  (Can you hear me say "I'm Flying"?)  Now that I'm coming out of my pain-free fog, I've been working very hard at getting some zip files together, and previews, and such.  It has taken me loads more time than I thought it would.  My computer/art program can't handle the 12x12 pages, so I may have to stay away from the papers until I can upgrade my computer and software (I'm told MAYBE after we move).
Meanwhile, I just remembered to print out a "scrap page" of sorts for my airsoft warrior friends.  We have several acres of wooded land and a big field down behind our house.  So I let a large pile of teenage boys (2 of them belong to my best pal, Carl) camp out in our yard overnight, so they could play with their Airsoft Guns.  They started out in two teams looking pretty serious ... these pics I took off my back deck of one team (they didn't come out so good from that far up).  By later that night though, they were playing "Zombies".   I had such a blast just watching them!  I wanted the guys to have something to remember it by, besides all their tick bites, so I made this up for each of them:
Airsoft Warriors

I tryed to keep it "manly";  think they'll like it?

I have piles of files to put online, and I have a gift package template for Father's Day coming up.  So come back soon!

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