Monday, March 11, 2013

Why I love my husband...

.. Or one or two of the reasons, anyway. Besides being my business partner, best friend, mate, sexy, hard working, smart, clever, and tons of other great things, he can be a silly romantic and makes me laugh. Oh, he is far from perfect, but as far as men go, he's the best I've ever met. And he only improves with age!

Let me show you what I mean by the "makes me laugh" and "romantic" part:

He went off to the dump before work one morning, and came home with goodies from the doughnut shop. I came downstairs from my art room/office and found this scene on the kitchen counter.

He had found a heart-shaped boston cream (my favorite!), and these little "skull dudes" have been floating around since I bought a dozen for our shop one Halloween.  (He has used them many times before).

He taped them to the counter with a letter opener (as weapon) and little signs.


The signs read "Kill the doughnut king", "We want the donut", and the guy protecting the doughnut with the weapon has a sign that says "Back away from the doughnut".

As you can imagine, I laughed my a** off.  Isn't that creative for a guy who thinks he has no artistic talent? He is a mighty fine mechanic, and has built bikes from scratch that would knock your socks off, so creative he is.  So I guess I can add "humble" to his list of fine qualities!   Thanks for visiting!  Kat



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  1. Hahahahaha !! LoL That is extremely funny and I laughed out loud. What a fabulous Guy :-D

    IKE xxxxxxxxx


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