Monday, September 23, 2013

Freebie Black Lace Scrapping Frame... it's about time!

Hope you can use this  black lace frame png file.  It's a freebie from me to you, for personal use.  
This is just a thumbsize jpg, click download below for clear png file.

I've been MIA here for awhile, and just searched through my computer to find you something, since I've been so neglectful (shame on me!).  There was a sudden decision made by my family that my mother move in with us.  My husband drove up the furniture from mid-Florida to here in northern New Hampshire.  We've been all trying to fit ten pounds of you-know-what in a five pound bag ever since.  Even with one garage sale already, we have too much stuff!  And I decided I HAD to organize my craft room, which has been a major project.  I also had an attack of IBS a week before my mother got here that I'm only getting a handle on now.  There doesn't seem to be much I can eat besides brown rice.  All in all, it's been busy, but I've also been crafting (to preserve what little sanity I have left!).  I've got a couple of projects lined up I hope to share with you soon.  Meanwhile, you can download the free black lace frame at box HERE.  Enjoy! - Kat D.


  1. How lovely - thank you very much :-)

    IKE in Greece xx

  2. Oh dear - I hope your IBS soon gets sent packing too !! What a nightmare with everything else you have got going on :-(

    I am glad I found you today - thank you for the great freebies :-D

    IKE in Greece xxx

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and compassion, and for commenting on so many posts. I woke up yesterday feeling awful, but it amazing what good medicine friendly words can be. I'm glad you found the site too! Thank you again.


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