Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Another free printable tray box for you.

The tray boxes I made for Easter were so popular, I had to make another one. This one is a sun, in celebration of SPRING!  We had one whole day of spring here, then snow for the next several days.  Sigh. I'm planting seeds indoors to deal with my spring fever.  This tray would hold several seed packets nicely!  If you need it, follow the tutorial on the bunny box to see how it folds.  You can print this one on the white side of printed card stock, or if you don't have any the right size, like I didn't, you can try what I do.  I printed mine on plain white cardstock, then used adhesive spray to add colored paper to the outside.  I use a big cardboard box as a spraybooth (next to an open window) and spray both back sides.  Wait one minute, then CAREFULLY put the papers together.  Voila, printed cardstock from paper.

You can retrieve your freebie from Box.  The JPG is HERE.  The PNG is HERE.
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