Thursday, April 16, 2015

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Last night I went to draw a bath, and suddenly there was no water pressure.  Turns out the pipe from the spring well we have, up the hill, is blocked or broken.  Being mud season, we can't get a truck to come up to dig it out, as there are road restrictions.  And the ground may still be too frozen.  All the joys of living in the great northeast.  It seems we may have to go a month without water.  Fear not, my ever vigilant hubby is finding a way to get us water as I write this.  Being packrats by nature, we have a big barrel, and we have a pump, so we will work something out.  Not like I've ever been without water before ... at least we have electricity this time!

I left what few inches of water was in the tub to scoop out for flushing the toilet.  Unfortunately for my big male coon cat, Bill, who likes to jump in the tub, he didn't look before he leapt this morning.  So now I have a very wet bathroom and a damp and disgruntled cat.

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Just for fun, here is a picture of my critters, all sprawled on the floor of my craftroom.
That is Bosco the dog, our little gimpy tail-less cat Stormy (aka "Kitler"), and Bill the furball up front.

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  1. Bill looks just like my friends cat that just passed away last month .. His name was Leo! thanks for all you share

  2. Oh my goodness! How adorable your furbabies are! :)


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