Thursday, May 7, 2015

Piggy and Pig Wordart Freebies

I'm overjoyed that my computer art has been downloaded so many times... as an "artist", I often have reservations about the things I create.  My husband says I'm my own worse critic.  I bet that is something many of you artsy and craftsy types can relate to!  So it's your own fault, you've encouraged me to share MORE. 

I just adore pigs. Found this Winston Churchill quote and had to make a wordart out of it. I hope you enjoy it!  There are two versions, one plain, one fancy.  Sorry I don't have a png file for them.  BUT... I do have a png for the pig alone, so I'll share that.

First up, the word art:
You can download this one HERE

You can download this one HERE

Next, the pig alone.  I've been experimenting with my art programs.  If you like these, I'll make more.
You can download the PNG FILE HERE (clear background).  If you do something clever with it, I'd like to see it. Just leave a link in the comments section.  Thanks!  And a special thanks to all you who comment, you really make my day!  Have fun.... Kat D.


  1. LOL. Do ha think Winston knew he was speaking of himself? Thanks for adding a oh so fun freebie.

  2. Love it! Thanks so much for these cuties. My youngest son's wife wants a pig. I had no idea she loved them so much. Have to make her a card with this on it.
    Thanks again, xo Nana

  3. Adorable pig - for my sil that loves pigs! Thanks.


Thank you so much for your comments! They really make my day.