Saturday, May 2, 2015

Sunflower seed packet with quote freebie.

I love all the firsts of spring.  We ran Bosco, our dog, up the hill for the first time this year, and the road was still passable because it's still pretty frozen (he runs, we sit our lazy butts in the truck).  There was still a bunch of snow on the ground up there.  We are hoping the warmer weather that has FINALLY arrived will unfreeze our well, and that is ONLY what the problem is. Lots of people up here got frozen wells this year, so I don't feel alone.  We've been collecting rain water, and I actually found myself saying "I wish it would rain, I'd love a bath".  Instead, we (and I mean my husband) will be hauling water from one of our lovely neighbor's wells.  And I'll still be taking "sea showers" (if you are not a sailor, or married to one, that means: get wet, turn off water, soap up, run water just enough to rinse) .  Looking forward to a good "hotel shower" (another sailor term), so keep your fingers crossed for us.

Oh, yes,  I did promise you a freebie ...  
You can download this sunflower quote seed packet HERE.  
Hope you can have some fun with it.  Sharing seeds is a VERY good thing!  Enjoy ~ Kat D.

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