Thursday, November 29, 2012

Freebie Alert!

I just got the cutest papercraft in my email, which reminded me that I wanted to tell you about Scout Creative's Papercraft of the Month club.  Sign up for the emails, and each month they send a great free papercraft, with a calendar of the month somewhere on it.  I ADORE some of the past months, like last month's wild cell-phone charging station, and the hot dog stand from August, and the pool cat with boom box from July, and the Snails from March ... well, I guess I like 'em all.  AND if you go to the site, they have all the ones from the last couple of years posted.  Check out March of last year.  They are really cool, and totally free.  You don't even get any extra emails, just the papercraft link each month, on a PDF.  COOL!

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