Tuesday, January 15, 2013

 I made some svgs and scuts for cuts!

 I made some cut files that you might be able to use for Valentine's Day.  I've been trying to get to them for awhile, but my husband FINALLY moved lock, stock and barrel up here with me, and we've been trying to create a path through all the moving boxes and set up his office.  I'm so HAPPY!  It was getting real lonely up here without him for 6 whole months.  

I started a card so you could see the files in action, but it's not done yet.  There are two versions of the couple on the cut file, and the two different hands sets.  I've included  SVG and  SCUT files, plus a couple of .png silhouettes of the hands.

 I've made quite a few cut files for myself, but this is the first I'm sharing, and I know all cutting  machines and programs work different, so please let me know how they cut for you and what you are using. I use Sure Cuts Alot software and cut with an eCraft. Thanks!

If you make something with these, or anything else I've shared, please feel free to leave a link in Comments, so we can all see your creation. I'd be thrilled!

You can snag these free cut files at either one of these locations:

4Shared ( the Valentine's Cut Files folder is in the 4shared Sync Folder ) or BOX (also inside folders) - Enjoy!  And come back soon, I have another Valentines cut file I'll post soon! Kat


  1. Thank you very much for sharing. They are perfect for valentine's day and weddings. The svg has the couple but no hands. Would love to use the hands svg so I can scale it without losing the details if possible. Thanks!

    1. Wow, I really messed this one up, didn't I?!? I thought they were all there, but was wrong. Unfortunately, the external harddrive I had those on is not functioning. I plan to have it repaired, and hope to recover my files. Unfortunately, that doesn't help you now. If you use a program like Sure Cuts Alot, you can use the trace image tool with the png. Sorry about that!


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