Saturday, March 28, 2015

2 Free Bird Doodles from Covered in Glue - CU OK

I'm on a roll here, finding stuff to post from my "mine" folder.  Unfortunately, while posting this, I accidentally erased an entire folder from BOX.  (Seems that I'm having one of those weeks!) I tryed to fix it, but if you find any missing files, please let me know.  Also, since I haven't used BOX in awhile, let me know if they change policy or anything.  I use them because they are free and easy, but mostly because they don't make the downloaders wait or join or other annoying stuff.  If that changes, I'd like to know.

This silly little bird above was me learning a new program and using my tablet, which I'm still not familiar with.  You can download the PNG file for it HERE.

The bird doodle above was pretty much the same thing.  He's simple, but kinda cute, I think.  You can download the JPG HERE or the PNG HERE. Hope some of you can use these, feel free to use however you wish.  Thanks for visiting!
Kat D,

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