Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A free bunny tray box printable download and my first tutorial to go with it.

I like to make little open treat boxes for easter.  I'm thrilled to share this one with you.  Fill it with goodies, and have a pretty picture underneath for when it's emptied!

This was so easy and quick, you could probably make several in an afternoon, and have great fun doing it.
Print it out on white (or light pastel, but the colors will change) 8.5 x 11 cardstock.  I used 110 lb smooth.
Cut it out as shown, and score and fold panels inwards.  Flattening your creases helps make a cleaner, squarer box.  You don't need a bone folder, an old gift card or credit card works fine.

Glue the little tabs and get them tucked in nicely under the side flaps.  Clothespins (these are the smaller kind) work great to hold the glue while it drys.  I used rubber cement because it is so forgiving and doesn't cause warping, but use what you are comfortable with.  I could have used sticky tape, but didn't think of it until I got to the lace part.

Fold down the other flaps and glue in place.  Tray is done, now decide how to decorate it.  At this point, anything goes, or you could even leave it plain.  
(I had an image of the various choices I had on my table for ribbon, decoration and such, but for some reason it wouldn't upload, even after I waited a couple of days.  Like I said on my last post, this really hasn't been a good computer week for me.)

I used sticky tape around the edge, which made it really easy to put on the lace.
This lace is fairly elastic, and I pulled it a bit tight, so it bends kind of inwards.  A stiffer lace, or paper lace, would stand up better.  I almost folded it over & out.  I encourage experimenting, it can be so much fun!
I decided on the flower and butterfly ribbon to go around the sides.  I used a thin line of tacky glue. Simple, but pretty, don't you think?

You can add a handwritten message to the bottom of the tray.  I found it works much easier if you do it BEFORE you build the tray!!! Then just fill with goodies.  Hmmmm.... candy, mini muffins or cupcakes, a brownie, more candy.... oooh, this is gonna be fun!  Finish it off with plastic wrap if you choose.

Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did making it.  Hoppy Easter!  - Kat

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