Thursday, March 26, 2015

Freebie Printable Seed Packets
Go to BOX for the png and jpg files.

Long time, no post.  Sorry about that, but it seemed the longer I stayed away, the harder it became to post something new.  Extra specially because I didn't have much to show.  I was trying to get my health back in line, and seemed to spend all my free time finding recipes for things I could actually eat, and then cooking inedible meals from those recipes.  Well, at least I lost 30+ pounds!  So, boo-hoo, not much crafting, but there IS a silver lining in every cloud!  I did find a few things in my computer files that I don't think I posted before, so I'll try my best to get them up as I can.  This offering is something I'm not sure you can use, but maybe you can fill them will small candies, or edible seeds, or a "surpise" seed or something else and handwrite what it is.  I don't even remember what I made them for, but I really like the quotes! Try printing them on pretty paper and maybe emboss.  As always, have fun, use them as you will, and if you have a moment, leave me a note.  Thank you!!!  Kat

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