Friday, July 10, 2015

Cat Wordart & Picture Freebie

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer.  The season is so short here, we get outside every chance we get.  If the weather permits, we bbq or picnic outdoors for dinner.  I love it!  I've been awfully sporatic with my blog posts, and I hope you will forgive me, but I'd rather be outside than in front of my computer.  Even if I'm weeding the garden or mowing the lawn.  However, I've missed you all, and decided to take some time out this glorious morning to post something.  I just looked into the folder where I stashed some stuff and found this kitty Paula Poundstone quote.  Hope you like it!

You can snag the PNG version of this at BOX here.  And the JPG version here.
Don't you just love the ease of using Box?  I wish more bloggers would use it.  I dislike having to jump through hoops to download something, even if it is a freebie ... but I'm just lazy I guess!

Leave a note, keep it touch!  And share your work if you will.  Thanks, and enjoy!  Kat


  1. Bwaahahaha - this made me laugh out loud !!! :-D Hilarious but TRUE !!! Thanks a bunch for this :-)

    IKE in Greece xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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