Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I'm aggravated. Thus, a freebie:

My husband insists on watching the news in the morning "to stay in touch".  I just get aggravated.  Mostly, I'm tired of the news media trying to shove their own agenda down my throat, like I'm some moron who can't think for herself.  "The NEWS", whether it be from TV, newspapers, the Internet, the radio, or whatever,  used to be a place you went to because you were seeking unbiased reporting of events.  I'm not sure if "unbiased" was ever true, but it once, (so long ago,) seemed less biased than it is now.  Now there are blatant half-truths, spins, twists and even outright lies.  I was never a big fan of Mr. Trump, but let me use him for an example. At no time did he ever claim that ALL immigrants, or even all Mexican immigrants were criminals.  He stated (and you can check the speech, ... please, please do) that the ILLEGAL immigrants that Mexico was SENDING HERE were mostly criminals (which is true, again you can check the facts on your own).  Yet the very people who saw and recorded the speech took out a tiny part and played it over and over, twisting the meaning of the words.  And people keep repeating this as if it is true!  I'm so fed up with the news... people I used to respect, such as Matt Lauer, repeating this tripe and ignoring real news (like, what is up with ISIS contacting our children on social media?) to report on what nail polish color goes best with which shoes.  WOW!  (Matt, aren't you tired of this?) 
Are you aggravated too?  Good, that means you are paying attention!  If so, you might like this bit of word art.  It is free to download (all my stuff is), and you can download the PNG HERE and the JPEG HERE.  Thanks for putting up with my rant, not normal for me, but it is my attempt at getting my blood pressure back to normal.  I am grateful for your visit, come again soon.  
And ENJOY!  Kat D.
P.S. >>I love your comments, but if you are going to leave one for this particular post, please make it positive.  I've spewed enough vitrol for all of us. Unless, of course, you are Matt Lauer, you can say whatever you want, I deserve it.  LOL.  Thanks!


  1. Thumbs up. Thanks for speaking up.

  2. oh yes!!! i thought i was just getting old and crabby...i just want the news
    not someones opinion....or some breathy blonde saying, "oh isnt that just terrible" editiorials please, just the news...
    even Walter Cronkite reporting on kennedy's assassination, was visibly shaken, but just stated the news.....not his opinion
    bettimae in Ohio...

  3. AMEN, Kat! I've been thinking the same thing for so many years now that I've nearly forgotten the days when "news" really was news. You go, girl!

  4. I'm with you! I rarely watch national news. I only watch local news on the channel that I feel does the most truthful reporting. Printed and online media can be just as bad about bending the truth but there you can take you time to assess it and you don't get that 'voice' lingering in your brain.
    Thanks for speaking out.

  5. You've got it right. You have to research yourself just to find out how much they report its right.

  6. I have been feeling very overwhelmed by the state of the media too! After reading these comments though, I have new found faith that the country isn't *completely* filled with numb minded folks who believe every word "reported" by the news. Maybe there is hope yet :-)

  7. Well said! Thanks for the freebie........

  8. You are "right on!" -- Thanks for expressing what so many of us are feeling about the news media. I miss the days of honest untainted reporting like that of Walter Concrite. Not everyone is as dim-witted as the press would have us believe. Thanks for your courage and honesty in speaking out. :)


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